First Aid at Work

The First Aid at Work Handbook is a fully comprehensive training manual ideal for use on any longer first aid course.

Emergency First Aid

The Emergency First Aid Handbook is an ideal reference guide for emergency first aid procedures. It is suitable as a handout on any short first aid course.

Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid Handbook is an ideal reference guide for people who work with children.   Designed to cover the syllabus of any Paediatric First Aid training course.


First Aid

The AED and Basic Life Support Handbook has been designed for use on any Automated External Defibrillation course. 

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This brand new 32 page A5 booklet has been produced to complement your one day training courses in Emergency Paediatric First Aid.



Following ERC First Aid Guidelines 2015 this handbook is designed for use on courses where learners may require specialised information on serious bleeding control.

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